Understand the

Financial aspects of your Business Operation

We ensure that you remain compliant and gain the insights needed to
optimise your business. It’s time to work smarter, not harder.

We strive to support and fast-track your growth with effective money management

FinancialFlow is an accounting and advisory firm based in Johannesburg assisting business owners with tax returns, financial records, planning and providing insights on their business performance. We strive to support and fast-track your growth with effective money management. Our work best suits small businesses - particularly private primary practitioners and retailers - in planning, organising, controlling and monitoring money within their businesses.

What we do

At FinancialFlow, we offer you financial management tools so
your business can answer the important questions like:

How much money do I need to get started with my business or to implement my business idea?

What kind of profits can I expect?

How do I set prices?

Am I generating enough income from my business for the amount of effort and risk that I am taking?

Do I have a plan in place for the unexpected downturns and changes?

Can I meet my short- and long-term financial obligations?

What are my financial weaknesses and what am I doing about them?

Our Promise:

​​We aim to assist you to comply, sustain and develop your business. Get in touch for an obligation-free consultation today and start working smarter.

The next step

We begin by scheduling a discovery meeting. This is an obligation-free consultation where we find out
your business requirements, and you find out whether we are a good fit for your business. From this discussion,
you will choose one or more of our service offering, as well as the frequency and level of each service type you require.
We offer customised fixed monthly fees to suit your needs.