About Us

Who We


  • We help small business owners to better understand the financial aspects of your business operation, we ensure that you remain compliant and gain the insights needed to optimize your business. We work particularly with retailers and medical private practitioners.
  • We work well with owners who want to outsource their finance function to gain a clearer picture of their operations.
  • Those who want to work smarter, not harder.
  • Businesses who want to be in control of their performance and profitability.

Why we

do it:

  • We believe that effective business money management can ensure small businesses succeed
  • We want to collaborate with small businesses that often feel the pressure and loneliness that often accompanies running a business on your own.
  • We strive to find possibilities and plans to help small businesses.
  • We want to provide practical implementable solutions.

What makes us different:

  • FinancialFlow is an accounting and advisory firm that is responsive to client needs which are unique to each client.
  • We offer customised fixed monthly fees to suit each client
  • We are focused on being actively forward-thinking, as well as offering reactive services such as recording and reporting.
  • We use cloud-based technologies to foster collaborative accounting between us and our clients.

How we do it

FinancialFlow is the brainchild of Bachelor of Commerce graduate and CIMA accredited Associate Management Accountant, Portia Phoshoko.

She is the company director and has over 15 years of experience in the industry working in the finance departments of various banks, parastatal, and media companies.

Through her many years of industry experience, she has gained a wealth of knowledge on proper analysis and forward planning to ensure growth and compliance.

Portia is invested in educating, guiding and offering valuable insights on financial management to SMEs through her detail-orientated and carefully considered advice.

Understand your finances today and contact us for an obligation-free consultation to better control and manage your business.