Primary Practitioners

At FinancialFlow we understand that the healthcare sector is a complex system that requires particular accounting attention to maintain profitability. We take ever-shifting regulations and your practice’s operating characteristics into account, to offer you the best accounting services. We help your practice evolve through accurate reporting and insight.


Existing Practices

For existing practices, we offer a range of services to manage and support your operations. We assist with your financial management so that you can remain compliant, boost your profitability and focus on your patients

Our recording services include bookkeeping and general accounting. These reports use your monetary history to help you to understand where you are currently and is a starting point for analysis and advisory

Our advisory and analysis services such as tax returns, payroll, costing, compliance reporting and other monitoring services, all equip you to better prepare for good as well as challenging times. These services look at where you have come from, where you are and where you are looking to go to optimise your entire practice.

Our business financial planning service is firmly focussed on the future of your business and helps you understand where you are going. These services help you to assess your long-term sustainability and if your current path is aligned to your ambitions.


New/Start-up Practices

We know that starting a new practice in the healthcare industry is a challenging journey. We are here to assist you with better financial planning tools and practices to support your new practice.

We work alongside you to define your goals and plan on how to achieve them. We will put in place valuable outlines and projection on how your new practice will earn and spend money.

This is a continuous and collaborative journey, so we will then record and report on your actual earnings and expenditure.

From this information, FinancialFlow will analyse your performance and advise on the best steps moving forward.

We strive to keep your practice compliant and in alignment with your goals. We analyse your reality and adapt your financial strategies for the future.