What we do

Our work best suits small businesses particularly private primary practitioners and retailers in planning, organising, controlling and monitoring money within their business. Our services can be grouped into three main offerings that build on each other – recording, advisory and planning. These three categories are designed to provide you with holistic insights into the past, present and future status of your business depending on your requirements.

  • We will assist you to correctly record the monetary history for your business for a specified time period. You can select once-off, daily, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, or yearly recording to suit your business requirements.
  • Our recording service is beneficial to gain a clear picture of your current business operation. It is a valuable start to analysing your current business performance so that you can begin to better equip your operation for the future.
  • From this monetary history, we will analyse the overall performance of your business by looking at how efficiently are you using your resources and putting your numbers in context. We will determine your profitability, your ability to pay your creditors, and overall efficiency.
  • This comprehensive assessment allows us to create accurate forecasting that can be compared to your business goals. Our advisory services help you to navigate your business more strategically.
  • Key benefits of analysis and advisory include:
    • track and monitor your business’s performance
    • provide accurate information for tax purposes
    • identify and monitor debts owed and monies due to you
    • correctly cost for items or services
  • Our planning service creates a clear path to your overarching business goals. After FinancialFlow has recorded, analyses and advised you, we can begin by laying strategic plans in place.
  • Through collaborative accounting, we will help you set sustainable and achievable business goals. We will also provide you with actionable data and steps to achieve those goals.
  • We assist aspiring business owners with financial planning to bring their entrepreneurial dreams to life.

We aim to assist you to comply,
sustain and develop your business.

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